Outdoor Outlet Safety Made Simple


Electrical safety in the home is a topic that is widely discussed and a legitimate concern for homeowners. There are great preventive measures that are taken to reduce the possibility of an accident with electricity. But, why does the discussion about preventive measures stop with indoor electricity?

The elements that exist outdoors present a whole new set of dangers that can arise and cause electrical mishaps. Act now to prevent any potential dangers that arise with these tips to protect your outdoor electrical outlets and wiring.

  • Free from water – This may seem easy to understand, but keep electronics and wiring away from pools, hot tubs and any outdoor water source.
  • Update your outlets – If your home is older, make sure that all outlets outside of your home are updated to the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GCFI) outlets.
  • Electrical awareness – If for any reason extension cords or wires are stretched over your lawn, be sure to remove those wires before mowing your lawn. Also, be careful when using a weed eater around wires around the foundation of your home.
  • Storm safety – We all know to get out of the pool when thunder is heard, but did you know that you should stop any other activity outdoors that is requiring electricity?  Especially stop grilling if you are using an electrical grill or any other electrical devices.
  • Outlet safety – The following tips are crucial to ensuring your safety around the outlets and will help them last longer and function properly.
    • Use an outlet cover.
    • Do not overload one outlet with too many electronics.
    • Keep outlet clear of grass clippings.
    • Test the outlet often for problems in the wiring.
  • Free from potential problems – If you use outdoor lighting or have wires around trees or walkways, make sure that the wires are free from tangles, snags and potential threats of getting cut or frayed.

Electrical safety outdoors should be as important as electrical safety indoors. The experts at Mr. Electric can help update all of your outdoor outlets and electronics. For an electrical safety inspections, contact your local Mr. Electric and trust them with your electrical needs.


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