Save Energy with Beautiful Fall Pathway Lighting


Pathway lighting is one of the most dramatic ways you can improve your garden. By adding lights, you benefit from:

  • Improved ambiance, perfect for setting a mood while entertaining.
  • Increased security by illuminating dark places around your home and deterring thieves.
  • Better safety by illuminating walkways and steps.
  • Increased curb appeal to make your home stand out from the rest by enhancing your home’s architecture and landscaping at night.

Is it possible to enjoy all of these benefits without noticeably increasing your electricity bill? Thankfully, the answer is yes. You simply need to find energy efficient pathway lighting. Here are some popular options and features to choose from.

Types of Outdoor and Pathway Lighting

Efficient outdoor fixtures come in many varieties. Look for Energy Star-labeled versions of your favorite styles including:

  • Wall-mounted lanterns and sconces: Flank your front entry or garage doors with wall lighting and increase your home’s curb appeal. Place one strategic light above the address mounted on the front of your house so guests can locate your address in the dark.
  • Ceiling fixtures: Install these in porch overhangs for permanent lighting at your front or back entry.
  • Hanging pendant lights: These usually go on the porch to enhance curb appeal.
  • Spotlights, floodlights and well lights: Showcase your trees, fountains, architectural columns and other features at night. Spotlights illuminate one spot brightly, floodlights have a more diffused beam, and well lights are buried in the ground and shine directly upward to brighten a tree’s foliage.
  • Post lanterns: Make a dramatic statement with tall post lanterns at the end of a walkway close to the street. You can also use posts to illuminate your pool, patio or backyard area for entertaining purposes.
  • Pathway lanterns: Light up walkways and garden beds with lanterns set close to the ground.
  • Step lights: These are typically installed on the rise of a step, shining downward to make the step easy to see without creating glare.

Energy Efficient Features

To enjoy great beauty and other benefits of outdoor lights without paying much more on your energy bill, look for outdoor fixtures with these features:

  • Automatic daylight shutoff: Light sensing controls automatically turn off the fixtures at dawn. This way, you save energy without having to set your alarm early to manually turn of the lights when the sun comes up.
  • Timers: The next best thing to an automatic shutoff is a timer. Set it so the lights are only on when it’s dark out.
  • Motion sensors: If you intend to install some lights purely for security purposes, motion sensors are a great option. Most of the time they remain off, adding nothing to your electricity bill. If someone approaches your back door or driveway (or wherever else you choose to install the motion sensor light), the fixture comes to life and illuminates the intruder.
  • LED bulbs: LED lights are praised for their low energy consumption, impressive durability and high performance in cold environments. You can use these bulbs in exposed fixtures without fearing problems with rain and snow.
  • Dimming capabilities: This allows you to place outdoor lighting above a seating area at the precise brightness you need. When relaxing with a glass of wine, dim the lights for a more private, romantic setting. When you have friends over for a game of cards, brighten the lights so everyone can see well.
  • Solar-powered lighting: These lights contribute nothing to your electric bills because they draw energy from the sun all day, giving them enough stored power to stay illuminated all night.

For help brightening up your yard with energy efficient outdoor lighting, please contact Mr. Electric®.


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