Get Creative with Light Switch Covers


If you’re in the process of redecorating a room, it’s easy to forget about the light switch covers. However, giving attention to this minor detail can greatly contribute to the room’s final appearance. Get inspired with these creative light switch cover ideas.

Book Spines

If you have a home library, add a special feature by decorating the light switch cover with two or three book spines. Choose classics you have duplicates of and cut the spines from the books. Glue them to the light switch cover and use scissors or crafting knife to straighten the edges.

Picture Frame

Make the light switch cover a piece of art by framing it with an actual picture frame. If it’s the exact size, simply glue the picture frame to the light switch cover. If it’s a little large, hang the frame on the wall with the light switch perfectly centered. This is particularly effective if you have photos displayed on the wall, since adding a frame makes the switch blend right in.


With the prevalence of GPS systems, you probably don’t use your old paper atlases anymore. It’s time to put them to good use! Find a state you love, or somewhere you want to travel to someday, and cut out a particularly visually pleasing section of the map to perfectly fit on the light switch cover. A little Mod Podge glue acts as an adhesive and sealer.

Scrapbook Paper or Old Comic Books

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to use that old decorative paper, or you want to put your comic books to good use, this is the perfect time! Cut the paper larger than the light switch cover so it can wrap around it and glue on from the back side. Mod Podge is your friend again here, sealing the paper so it doesn’t warp if it gets wet.


Did you visit the beach recently and come home with some beautiful souvenirs? Instead of sticking the seashells in a dark drawer, display them proudly by gluing them to a light switch cover. Apply a thin layer of glue across the whole surface and you can even coat the whole cover in sand for a nice finishing touch.


Bring out your artistic side and paint wooden light switch covers to match your tastes and the room’s décor. Finish with a layer of hairspray to seal the paint so it doesn’t smear.

Kid-Friendly Designs

Why not let your kids decorate their own light switch cover? Supply them with acrylic paint, brushes, glitter, glue and tissue paper for a fun, creative project they can be proud of.

Decorative Stickers

In this out-of-the-box idea, leave the light switch cover as is and decorate the wall around it with a cute vinyl decal. Different designs are available at your local craft store.

Rhinestones and Flowers

Walk down the scrapbooking isle and you’ll be greeted with plenty of stick-on rhinestones, buttons and flowers to deck out your light switch covers.

If your outlet or light switch covers ever look scorched or feel hot to the touch, contact Mr. Electric® for an electrical safety inspection.


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