Step Away from Your Devices for One Day


If you own a Smartphone, tablet, smart watch, laptop and e-reader, you’re probably profoundly aware of how much technology dominates your life. Can you step away from these devices for just one day?

Pick a day and accept the challenge! Resist the lure of letting your phone charge and go device-free for one day. If you feel the need, update Facebook and Twitter beforehand to let your friends and family know you’re unplugging.

By stepping away from technology for 24 hours, you may see the world in a whole new light. As long as you make the most of your phone-free day, you may be surprised how freeing unplugging turns out to be. Instead of sitting on the couch, twiddling your thumbs and waiting for an excuse to grab your phone out of the bedroom, get out and do something different, without any technology to get in your way! Here are a few ideas:

Listen to Nature’s Soundtrack

If you normally jog through the park every morning with your Smartphone strapped to your arm and ear buds in to cancel out the noise around you, make your jog a little different on the day you unplug: leave the phone and ear buds at home. Take a break in a scenic spot and listen to the birds, the wind through the leaves, the laughter of children at a nearby park. The Great Outdoors comes with its own soundtrack, no ear buds required.

Have an Uninterrupted Meal

The day you unplug is the perfect time for a date. Head to your favorite restaurant and leave your phone at home. You won’t be tempted to Instagram your linguini or answer a stray call that comes through. This night out is just for you and your loved one. It’s likely the meal – uninterrupted by technology – will be one of the most relaxing and romantic outings you’ve had in a long time.

Read Your Child a Book

When it comes to entertaining your child, how often do you turn to the TV, computer or tablet? On the day you unplug, do something so unprecedented many parents have forgotten about it: read your child a story from an actual book. Not an e-reader, not an interactive storybook on the web – a real paper-and-ink book. The tactile feeling of turning real pages is likely to make your child grin from ear to ear.

Watch the Sunset

Instead of looking at a beautiful sunset on a screen in your hand, you can see a real one fill up the sky in front of your very eyes. Without your Smartphone on you, you won’t be tempted to take a picture. Instead, you’ll enjoy the moment for what it is – either alone or with a loved one by your side – without it passing by as you stare down at your phone, perfecting the color-enhancing filter before posting the picture to social media.

As the sunset glows on the day you choose to unplug, you just might realize you felt more alive that day by watching the world unfold around you instead of burying your nose in a screen like you usually do.

Of course, the modern world and most jobs today can’t function without computers and Smartphones. So when you’re ready to let your phone charge once again, Mr. Electric® will be here to keep your home’s and business’s wiring up and running.


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