Post Round Up: Electrical Panel Upgrades


The electrical panel in your home can seem overwhelming, as can the other electrical components around your house. These articles offer insight and suggestions about how to improve your electrical panel’s longevity and ensure your system is safe. 


Is it Time to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel?

Most homeowners are familiar with the electrical panel in their home, but do not know how to do  anything but cut the power. This article offers helpful insight into the tell-tale signs you need to upgrade your electrical panel and offers other related maintenance tips.


Ways to Keep Your Home’s Electrical System Stress-Free This Summer

The summer heat can put a lot of stress on your electrical system. This article details the steps that should be taken to reduce the pressure placed on your home’s system during summer months. For example, replacing air filters and installing a programmable thermostat can save money and prolong the life of your home’s electrical system.


Electrical Safety Month: Tips for a Safer Home

Even though it’s not technically Electrical Safety Month, you should be safe every month! This article offers a comprehensive overview of how you can stay safe when dealing with electrical components in your home.


Common Electrical Problems in Your House

As electrical problems arise in your home, it is important to understand if the problem is a DIY project, or if you need to call in the big guns. This article describes common household electrical problems that range from easy fixes to extensive, professional solutions.


Is Your Home’s Electrical Wiring in Need of Updating

Your home’s electricity is not only dependent on the electrical panel, the wiring in your home is also extremely important. This article details different situations in which you may need to replace or repair your home’s electrical wiring.


3 Telling Signs Telling You Need to Update Your Outlets

Electrical outlets are used constantly. Over time, these outlets are bound to show wear as the quality of the outlet and wires that feed into it deteriorate. The three signs detailed in this article should be used to help detect when an upgrade is needed.


5 New Year’s Resolutions Tips for Your Home’s Electrical System

It is never too late to make a New Year’s resolution. This article details how to take a home that uses energy inefficiently and turn it into a home that is energy efficient and cost conscious. Suggested upgrades include switching out light bulbs for energy-efficient LEDs and installing a whole-house surge protector. 


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