The Scariest Lighting Trends of the Last 100 Years


Thomas Edison claims that he failed 10,000 times at creating the light bulb. However, the one success he had with it helped to launch an entire industry and changed the quality of life for everyone.  In the last 100 years, the light bulb has evolved, and is now tied into interior design, moods and even work efficiency. 

With Halloween coming up, Mr. Electric® is highlighting some of the scariest lighting trends from the last 100 years.  Don’t be afraid to use some of these for your next Halloween party:

  • Candles: This form of lighting is one of the oldest, and what some people consider to be the scariest.  Since candles were once our only source of light after sundown, people used to light large chandeliers with lots of candles.  Think about being in a big creaky house with little light; that sounds like the scene from a scary movie to me. That fire hazard is scary enough. This was definitely a very unsafe trend. 
  • Silhouettes: This is a trend that many scary movies use from time to time. The key is backlighting.  This was a big trend for scary movies in the ‘80s and still is today.  Seeing the figure of someone or something that you can’t identify can be pretty scary.
  • Skull candles or lamps: This trend has grown within the last decade, especially around Halloween and Dia de los Muertos, a Mexican holiday celebrated on Nov. 1.  These skulls are ominous because they typically represent mortality and death in stories.
  • Jellyfish lighting: This unusual lighting trend is popular because these lamps can hang on the wall or ceiling.  They might look life-like, but they wont sting you.
  • Movie lighting: A trend in horror movies is lots of shadows so there is an air of mystery and suspense.  This is a way for the producers to only reveal a part of their characters, making the viewer guess what isn’t there.  Moviemakers also use what looks like filters to make everything in the scene have a red or blue tint.  This helps to set the mood.  

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