Brighten up Outside Spaces with Accent Lighting


As the holidays approach and we ‘fall back’ to darker days, showcase your home in a new light with the latest in outdoor lighting. From safety and security lighting to accent lighting that allows key architectural and landscaping features to shine, step-up your outdoor lighting game with the latest in LED lighting technology.

Living in the Dark?

Brightening up your outdoor space with an array of outdoor lighting is about more than avoiding fumbling with your keys in the entryway. Well-lit yards can prevent dangerous trips and falls, illuminate shadowy areas to thwart trespassers, allow for added outdoor time in the evenings, and boost curb appeal and value by highlighting your home’s best features.

Let Your Light Shine

LED lighting, an ideal choice for energy efficiency and withstanding climate extremes, offers an array of outdoor accent lighting possibilities…

  • Post lighting
    Choose from an array of post designs to add just the right amount of ambiance and illumination.
  • Driveway lights
    Driveway lights add a welcoming feel to homes, particularly when combined with other accent lighting styles.
  • Pathway lighting
    These light sets, typically in LED solar varieties, are ideal for pointing the way to the safest walking paths.
  • Step lighting
    Sold in sets, motion-activated step lighting is a great way to safeguard guest around dangerous stairway areas.
  • Security lights
    Highlight key features or simply improve safety in entryways and surrounding shadowy recesses around doors, windows, and garages with motion, heat or timer-activated spot lights and flood lights, being mindful of neighbors with proper lighting trajectories.
  • Hanging lights
    Flexible and functional, hanging lights work well in a variety of outdoor locales, from covered porches to outdoor living and dining areas.  
  • Garden lights
    Bring colorful flowers and foliage to life at night with these small, post-style lights. 18-24-inch posts capped with bulbs reflect downward, making them an ideal choice for both garden beds and pathway markers when used in moderation.
  • Tree uplighting
    Installed flush with the ground, tree uplighting illuminates trees from below, adding elegance and beauty to any property.
  • Wash lighting
    Give garden walls, privacy fencing, and other flat facades added dimension with the soft, diffused glow of wash lighting.
  • Underwater lighting
    From ponds to pools, underwater lighting adds a unique, mesmerizing glow, doubling as a visual safeguard for recessed water features.
  • ‘Smart’ bulb tech
    For added versatility and improved efficiency, look for lighting options with ‘smart’ features including timers, dimmers, and smart device driven or remote control operation.

This fall, start looking on the brighter side of things… From the simple and functional to high-tech and dramatic outdoor lighting upgrades, Mr. Electric has you covered from design to installation. See your outdoor space in a new light. Contact us today.

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