Holiday Lights You Can Keep Up Year-Round


Not everyone wants to take down their holiday lights after the new year, especially since brightening up the dark of winter and early spring can bring a reprieve from the short days and cold nights. When green finally breaks forth and warmer weather rolls in, will your neighbors consider it a serious faux pas that your holiday lights are still up? Not necessarily! As manufacturers develop more efficient lighting and clever ways to display string lights, it’s clear that holiday lights don’t have to be just for the holidays. 

Ideas for Year-Round Christmas Lights

  • Patio string lights: As spring hits, those holiday lights clipped to your gutters can be taken down and moved to an enclosed deck or patio. Host friends and family in a perfect, low-key atmosphere by embracing patio string lights. There are incandescent and LED options for your gathering area.
  • Fireplace lighting: Miss the warm glow of your fireplace now that the weather isn’t right for throwing a few logs on the fire? Bring your holiday lights indoors, and place a bundle of them in your fireplace to keep the area lively all year.
  • DIY decorations: You can create simple DIY lanterns for the porch, basement, garage or anywhere you want by putting some string lights into a mason jar. Battery-powered string lights are a good option for this, as you can hide the battery pack and avoid plugging anything in.
  • Doorframe accents: Form and function. Holiday lights strung around a doorframe can be a handy nightlight, illuminating a dark area in a fun way.
  • Bed frame beautification: You can add soft, incandescent lighting to bedframes, which looks nice and can also help reduce symptoms of migraine headaches for certain people by adding much-needed backlighting. You can find amber LED options for better energy efficiency.
  • Pathway lighting: You can use traditional string lights as a guiding light for alleys, lawn step stones, or the path to your backyard party. Repurposing holiday lights on sidewalk paths can not only improve visibility and safety, but it makes your house look good and stand out. 
  • Garden glimmer: Adding some tasteful holiday lights to your budding garden will not only show off the beauty of your yard but will also help you see if you have to tend the plants after sunset.

Types of Year-Round Christmas Lights

There are several types of string lights that are great for the holidays and can also be used to enhance your home year-round. Here are some of our favorites. 

  • Clear rope lights: Totally versatile and strong enough to handle plenty of manipulation, these lights are seen during the holidays wrapped around doorframes and laid along pathways, looking like the tracks to Santa’s sleigh.
  • Vintage LED café lights: Perfect for lighting your backyard or a porch, these lights are durable and can stay up constantly if they’re properly maintained and protected from the elements.
  • Starry string lights: These soft LED lights are so versatile they can be used indoors off-season and outdoors during the holidays, or wherever you choose to place them. Use them to make your windows shine, or drape them across a reading corner.

Holiday Light Safety

Keep in mind that not all lights are meant for outdoor use year-round. Most new LED lights are meant to be in weather for a maximum of 90 days, and leaving them exposed to the elements long term will lead to cracked and dried-out cables, which are not only a fire hazard but also a potential electrocution risk. Be safe – read the manufacturer’s instructions for the lights you purchase, and consider how long you’re leaving lights outside.

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