The Best Surge Protectors to Protect Your Electronics


There’s no shortage of electronic gadgets filling up our entertainment centers and home offices, but you’re on borrowed time if they aren’t properly protected by a surge protector.

Sure, you may have your computer, printer and modem all neatly plugged in to a decent power strip, but one errant lightning strike and power outage, and you could be looking at hundreds of dollars in damage, hard drives lost, and time wasted.

So, Mr. Electric has compiled the best surge protectors to keep your electronics safe. But first …

What’s the Difference Between a Surge Protector and a Power Strip?

They may look the same, but power strips are the little cousin of a surge protector. A power strip allows you to add more devices to your outlet, but it doesn’t protect them from a power surge.

When shopping for additional space to plug in your electronics, go with a surge protector – it’s slightly more expensive, but worth it. Confirm you’re buying a surge protector and not a power strip!

The Best Surge Protectors

Not all surge protectors are created equal. Some are offer better protection than others (depending on what you’re protecting), and there are more expensive surge protectors that will give you a wealth of options, including plug customization. All are worth it over power strips, but depending on what you need to do, some are better than others.

Home Office Surge Protectors

With 12 outlets, eight of which can be adjusted to get all the plugs you need into their slots, the Belkin 12-Outlet Pivot Plug is one of the most versatile you can buy for under $30. It has a designated cord organizer and coaxial protection, which helps with power surges that go up into your cable box or modem. This is perfect for the spot in your home that has a computer or two, as well as a modem and possibly a TV. You can fit it all into the Belkin, and at 4320 joules of protection you’ll be able to protect your most precious electronics with room to spare.

Another great option, the APC 11-Outlet Surge Protector has a solid 2880 joules of protection, which means you can rest easy knowing your gaming computer and expensive monitor are safe from just about any surge that rumbles its way through your power outlet.

APC also has a wall surge protector that’s extremely handy depending on your office setup. Affordable at under $10, it offers six outlets and rests against the wall to offer up more space behind a desk or office equipment. This isn’t as heavy-duty as most surge protectors, but the side-facing outlets are a major help for some, and it still provides a healthy 1080 joules surge protection rating, which is good for your printer, lights and router.

Surge Protectors for the Living Room or Kitchen

  • If you need a simple, elegant and basic surge protector to fit behind your living room’s electronics, consider AmazonBasic’s 6-outlet surge protector. This is meant to protect your smaller electronics such as lamps and minor appliances.
  • Need to simply add a few outlets to a wall while maintaining light protection? Amazon has an affordable, quality 3-outlet adapter. Perfect for the outlets that have limited space near the couch or coffee table that are your go-to phone charging stations.
  • The Tripp Lite 10-outlet surge protector gives you great bang for your buck, and even has room for modem or phone line protection if you need it. At 2330 Joules, it will be good for your home entertainment center, and It has LED lights that confirm protection and grounding status. The best part? It’s only $30.

What About Whole House Surge Protectors?

Of course, there are other options beyond stacking surge protectors throughout your home (although that’s still a good idea). The experts at Mr. Electric can install a whole house surge protector which will protect devices in every outlet. The installation of a whole house surge protector is a delicate process and must be done by a licensed electrician, so reach out to us online today to learn more or schedule an appointment

If your home does experience damages from a storm or other natural disaster, Rainbow International is available to help with their restoration services. As another Neighborly home services brand, Rainbow International is a business you can trust!

This blog is made available by Mr. Electric for educational purposes only to give the reader general information and a general understanding on the specific subject above. The blog should not be used as a substitute for a licensed electrical professional in your state or region. Check with city and state laws before performing any household project.


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