Electronic Appliances That Can Help for Aging in Place


Homeowners generally think of “aging in place” as the completion of a series of home improvements that make their home safer and easier to manage as they get older. Beyond the addition of grab bars and new lighting, various appliances and technology can also help people age in place comfortably.

Being able to use a kitchen is a big part of being able to live in place. Assistive kitchen technology products can go a long way in this regard. Here are some of the best:

Automatic Stove Turn-off Devices

For those with electric stoves, an automatic stove turn-off device can bring a level of safety that a regular stove can’t. There are multiple versions of these devices, but we suggest products with timers, just in case the homeowner forgets to turn off the stove. These products will help residents avoid fires and personal injury by simply adding an additional layer of safety to their stove. These will take some installation, so if you need help, consider contacting Mr. Electric for an appliance installation, or reach out if you have questions.

Arthritis Aids: Electric Bottle, Can and Jar Openers

In later years, some have trouble gripping small objects. These aids help hands that may have arthritis, weakened grip strength or reduced fine motor skills. Electric jar openers and can openers are especially helpful.

Electric Vegetable Slicer

Another helpful item in the aging-in-place kitchen design toolbox is an electric vegetable slicer, which can slice and dice veggies to the user’s specifications, depending on the model. Some can also shred vegetables and these devices provide safety and comfort to the user while getting the job done.

A “Smart” Light Switch

Falling is one of the most prevalent concerns for people aging in place, and using smart home light switches can bring peace of mind to the kitchen and the entire household. A smart home light switch can easily have timers set or be controlled via smartphone or by voice command.

When it comes to adding smart light switches or other smart home devices, Mr. Electric is here to help. Schedule an expert to help upgrade your home and add comfort and security for years to come.

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