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Are you confident your home generator is ready to go to work if you happen to lose power? If not, you and your family may be sitting in the dark and missing out on the electricity you need following a disaster or electrical outage. Home generator maintenance tips from Mr. Electric® will ensure you can keep your backup generator in optimal condition, so it is ready when you need it most.

What Is a Home Generator?

Also known as a backup or standby generator, a home generator provides a secondary source of electricity to your home when your primary source is not working, or you don’t have access to electricity. Rather than creating energy, generators convert chemical or mechanical energy into electricity. Once the generator establishes the electrical current, it directs the current through copper wires to deliver electricity to devices, appliances, machines, or to your home’s whole electrical system.

Top 5 Home Generator Maintenance Tips

A well-maintained home generator will bring you peace of mind as you can trust you will have access to electricity for your home no matter what weather events or disasters come your way. Here are the top five generator maintenance tips from the team at Mr. Electric:

  1. Keep the area around the generator clear of leaves, branches, and other debris.
  2. Check the oil level once a month; top it off with the appropriate type of oil if necessary.
  3. Make sure you have extra oil, oil filters, and air filters on hand in case you need to run your generator for long periods of time.
  4. If you have an older generator without a self-test feature, “exercise” it once a month by running it for 15 minutes. This will keep fuel lines clear and parts lubricated.
  5. Schedule professional home generator maintenance and tune-ups once per year.

Turn to Mr. Electric for Help with Home Generator Maintenance

Don’t let your home go dark during a power outage. Your local Mr. Electric is available to help you keep your home generator in tip-top shape, so it’s ready whenever you need it. Let our experienced team enhance your comfort and safety during an emergency. Schedule an appointment online now or call (844) 866-1367 to speak to one of our experts.

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