Are Solar Panels Worth the Cost? Mr. Electric Weighs In


Are solar panels worth the cost? It’s a question many homeowners ask as they look for ways to cut their energy bills. Mr. Electric® is here to help you weigh the pros and cons of installing solar panels for your home, including the benefits of solar panels and how to know if they are right for your home.

What Are Solar Panels?

A solar panel is a collection of solar cells spread out over an area that works to convert light into electricity. The more light that hits each cell, the more electricity a panel will produce. There are numerous residential uses for solar panels, including:

  • Ventilation fans
  • Swimming pool
  • Water heater
  • Home heating
  • Cooking
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Whole-home power
  • On-grid and off-grid options


When trying to determine if solar panels are worth the investment, you’ll need to consider your home’s electricity rates, electricity usage, any available tax incentives and rebate programs, as well as the rates for solar system installation in your area.

Top Benefits of Solar Panels

From energy independence to lower utility bills, homeowners are experiencing big benefits from solar panels. Here are some of the advantages to installing solar panels for your home:

A renewable energy source: As long as the sun exists, you will have access to solar energy.

Reduced electricity bills: Your energy bills will drop as the solar panels produce the electricity you need to power your home; some homeowners even receive payments for surplus energy that they export back to the grid.

Numerous applications: Whether you decide to use solar panels to supplement power to your entire home or want to use them to produce electricity in areas without access, there are many opportunities to utilize solar energy.

Low maintenance: Solar panels require very little maintenance. Cleaning them twice a year is usually enough to keep them in good working condition.

Cons of Solar Panels

While there are many benefits to using solar panels, it’s important to consider the cons as you make the decision for your home. Some of the disadvantages include:

Initial investment: You will need to pay for solar panels, a power inverter, batteries, wiring, and installation to get started with solar energy. However, most homeowners discover the return on investment is high enough to justify the initial costs.

Dependency on weather: It’s possible to collect solar energy on rainy or cloudy days, but the efficiency of the overall system will decrease if there is a lack of sunshine for long periods of time.

Space requirements: Depending on the amount of electricity you need to produce, the solar panels may take up a lot of space. Some roofs are not large enough to hold the number of panels necessary to produce the desired amount of electricity.

Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical System with Mr. Electric

If you need more information about sustainable energy, electrical safety, and utility savings, connect with the local team at Mr. Electric. Our experienced and knowledgeable electricians can help you determine the right electrical upgrades for your house. Call (844) 866-1367 or request an appointment online now.

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