Netenrich Introduces AI/ML Platform for Cloud Security


Netenrich hopes to disrupt legacy security ops with an artificial intelligence-driven approach to security operations built into its Resolution Intelligence platform.

The security and operations analytics SaaS company on Tuesday announced a major shift in protecting data with the introduction of its new platform.

Resolution Intelligence analyzes real-time security data to determine which high business impact resources are most vulnerable, at critical risk, and need an immediate response.

The Netenrich platform is among the first to aggregate and correlate security and operations data across networks, clouds, and applications to prioritize and rank the most critical issues and behaviors.

Data analysis and AI/ML rapidly determine the top actions to immediately take, scored by risk ranking and data-driven contextual intelligence.

Resolution Intelligence is cloud-native and built to take advantage of the distributed computing offered by the cloud delivery model. It integrates with the Google Chronicle cloud service to bring valuable volumes of security data into the platform’s ActOn Data Lake as well as other data assets for analysis.

Netenrich Resolution Intelligence Platform

This announcement marks the industry’s first managed security services provider (MSSP)-focused SoC platform, according to Netenrich CEO Raju Chekuri.

Purpose of the Platform

The purpose-built ops platform applies correlation, rules management, and threat analysis to deliver prioritized actionable insights and situational awareness. Unique to Resolution Intelligence, the platform aggregates and correlates data across a common operations framework including security telemetry throughout the entire infrastructure.

The platform ingests rich security data from Google Chronicle as well as operational data. It correlates, scores, and prioritizes the most critical issues and risky behaviors using advanced data analytics.

Any organization operating at a service-provider scale must drive toward business resilience across all digital operations, noted Chekuri about potential users.

“MSSPs, MSPs, and other service providers that want to gain significant traction in transforming their clients’ operational efficiency also need to build high-quality recurring revenues,” he told TechNewsWorld.

Innovative Approach

The artificial intelligence and machine learning combination, plus the platform’s design and features, offer managed service providers a multi-level, multi-tenant interface. This adds efficiency and automates customer management workflows and enables scale.

“Resolution Intelligence drives resilience with a riskops and operational data analytics approach to secure digital operations,” Chekuri explained. “Partners and their customers will reach new levels of operations excellence at scale and speed.”

The Netenrich platform provides an in-depth view of operations and security status of critical assets across users’ entire customer base, within a defined group, or by an individual customer. The platform’s unified UI, across all security and digital operations, streamlines rule-building, threat analytics, and tracking across the provider’s entire customer base.

The platform shifts security ops to proactively predict and prevent harm while anticipating risky behaviors, disrupting threats, and ensuring business resilience. Organizations improve their overall security posture while focusing on business growth, according to Netenrich.

This removes security organizations from becoming overwhelmed with volumes of alerts and false positives. Thus, the time needed to investigate and respond shortens.

The use of AI and automation eliminates the need for additional security experts to speed analysis and removes tedious and time-consuming basic tasks. Previously siloed and fragmented ops teams and business units can consolidate and collaborate. The result is security pervasive across all operations.

Unique Features

Automation and real-time notification are key to detecting and responding to problems before systems crash. That is a major benefit, according to Bradd Busick, CIO at MultiCare Health, a not-for-profit health care organization in Washington state.

“We no longer look at our technology infrastructure from a point solution perspective. We are able to divert disruptions better and focus 100 percent on patient care,” he said.

For many MSSPs plugging into Resolution Intelligence is the fastest and simplest way to build services and transform their business with analytics enabled by Chronicle, offered Jonas Kelley, head of Americas MSSP Partnerships at Google Cloud.

“The Netenrich platform operationalizes Chronicle around multi-tenancy to drive scale and equip providers to realize value on day one and add their own IP at any time,” he said.

Security analytics drives advanced threat hunting, investigation, and threat intelligence. Analysts can codify threat intel and apply ML and AI to gain prioritized insights.


This video shows how the Netenrich Resolution Intelligence platform ingests data from multiple sources, adds context, and lets MSSPs manage services and customers all in one place.


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